School@Home FAQ


Yes. At this stage the NSW Government has advised a phased and structured return to school starting in Week 3, Term 2. From Week 1, Kuyper will be open for any students who cannot work from home. From Week 2, Year 11 and 12 return 2 days per week on Tuesday and Wednesdays. From Week 3, K-10 return 1 day per week on a roster. Please refer to our regular Updates for the most current information.

Yes. As has been recommended by the Premier, the learning will be the same at school as at home. Students who come to School will be completing School@Home lessons delivered through Google Classroom. Only Year 11 & 12 will have normal structured lessons apart from the Google Classroom, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays commencing Week 2. It will be expected that Year 11 & 12 will complete Google Classroom work for the remainder of the week. 

All classwork for students in Years K-12 can be accessed via Google Classroom. In addition to this, students in Years K-6 will receive regular printed resource packs to supplement the online learning. For more information on daily routines, refer to the K-6 Student Expectations and 7-12 Student Expectations sections of this site.

Most definitely. All curriculum at Kuyper is presented from a Christian perspective. There will also be daily Community Devotions posted by staff to the Community section of this site.

This will obviously depend on the age of your child, but generally only 2-3 hours per day is recommended. The eSafety Commissioner provides detailed resources and information to parents to assist them in deciding the appropriate amount of screen time for their children, as well as other information about avoiding online dangers and cyber bullying. 

In the first instance, contact your child’s Class Teacher (K-6), Core Teacher (7-10) or Mentor (11-12). A conversation with these teachers may be all that is needed, and if not, they can refer you to an appropriate staff member for further discussion. For more information on wellbeing, please refer to the Community page of this site.

If you can’t resolve your technology issues with a simple reboot, you can lodge an IT Help Request.

All students can message or email their teachers through Google Classroom. This is the first and best way to contact a staff member. If a conversation by phone is required, please contact the school on 02 4573 2999 to organise a call back.

There will be a range of work completion rates amongst students. Staff will be posting material to Google Classroom in line with the student timetables. Talk to your child and ask to look at what they have completed. If you have any concerns, contact their class teacher. You may also like to investigate the Extension and Enrichment topic in Google Classroom for additional work. Staff will be in regular communication with families and any students that are not completing required tasks will have their parents/carers notified as a matter of priority.

Yes, but it will look different to face-to-face support. A comprehensive outline of Learning Support procedures for Term 2 can be found in Diversabilty@Home. section of this site. If you have any concerns, or would like further information, please contact Lyndal Mitchell (Head of Primary – Curriculum & P-12 Diversability) via the School Office.

Yes, please contact the Office. It is important that the school and teachers are aware of the wellbeing of students and their capacity to complete schoolwork.


Teachers will give clear instructions regarding work expectations, through Google Classroom. All students should read Student Expectations section of this site. Secondary teachers will be scheduling work to be available at the same time as lessons in your regular timetable. You can choose to complete this work as it is posted, or another time that best suits your work habits. It is expected that any work set during the week will be completed by the end of that week for both Primary and Secondary students.

Contact your class teacher first. This can be done by emailing or messaging your teacher through Google Classroom.

Ask your parents first. If you can’t resolve the issue, contact your Classroom Teacher or Core Teacher by email. You can also put in a IT Help Request.

Yes. Teachers will be online when your subjects are timetabled. If you have questions, simply contact your teacher by emailing or messaging in Google Classroom.

Your teacher will contact your parents via email or phone to discuss why work isn’t being completed.

Please follow the usual procedures. If you are in Year 11 or 12, an illness and misadventure form can be found in the 2020 Stage 6 Assessment Procedures. If you are in Years 7 to 10, please ask your parents to email your teacher to explain the situation.

Mrs Allen and Mrs Kirkby are visiting our animals daily to ensure they have everything needed to stay healthy. The animals that require higher levels of care have been relocated to temporary homes.

Gwendolyn prefers to spend time alone. She occasionally gets visitors. Her ‘friends’ have been informed that social interaction should be restricted to only two koalas at a time and that they should maintain a 1.5m distance from each other.