Uniform Shop 2023

If you are a current Kuyper parent (i.e. your children are attending this year) and you require a uniform fitting, please follow this link to make a booking for your family. Only one booking per family is required, no matter the number of students. Please only make a booking if you require a fitting (e.g. your child has sprouted unexpectedly over the holidays and you can no longer guess their size from their current uniform, or they are a girl starting Year 7 and need to be sized for a dress, or you are a current family but have another child starting for the first time in 2023). Secondary boys’ shirts are sized the same as Primary boys’ shirts and the only new article your son will need is a shirt, and maybe a cap, which comes in one size. Secondary girls’ dresses are women’s sizes, while Primary girls’ dresses are children’s sizes. You may need a fitting.

Most uniform for current families can be ordered via email or telephone from Thursday 19 January. We are very happy to exchange multiple times until the correct size is found, so don’t feel like you need to know your child’s size with certainty. We are very happy to take your booking for a fitting, but as time-slots are limited, it would be good if they are available for those who really need them.

New families (i.e. those starting for the first time in 2023) will be contacted to arrange an Onboarding Session. The sessions will incorporate Uniform fittings as well as setting up the Kuyper App and SchoolEasyPay. You do not need to make a booking for Uniform at this time.

If you have any questions at all, please email admin@kuyper.nsw.edu.au and we will direct you.


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