Mark Ramsay, Assistant Principal

During the recent term break, I had the great privilege of visiting Vanuatu. Kuyper students will be returning to Vanuatu next year and I was able to reconnect with Jim and Charlotte (and their four children under five) who run the Scripture Union campsite at Pango Point. I was able to revisit and reconnect with friends I had made in the local businesses and market, and with the school I had visited five times previously, while working at another Christian School.

I was reminded of the beauty and joy in reconnecting. The people of Vanuatu have experienced many of the same disconnections that we have during the last few years. Most shops had signs on the front door asking people to keep a distance of 1.5 metres, and to wear masks whilst inside the shop. Schools in Vanuatu were closed for many months earlier this year (just like our long lockdown of 2021) and students were forced to learn from home. Many businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors have not yet reopened, and some of them never will. The people of Vanuatu, just like many in Australia, are hoping to leave the disconnection behind as they enjoy reconnecting with others.

This should come as no surprise to us. The Bible tells us that God made people to live in the connection of relationships. We see his design in the opening chapters of Genesis. Our desire to connect is seen throughout the Bible; indeed, it is also seen throughout history. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that messing with the connections people have with each other can have some pretty serious consequences. Hopefully we are all treasuring the connections we have in our lives. More importantly, I hope we are all treasuring the connection with God that is offered through Jesus.

Next year, the reconnecting that I did in Vanuatu will lead to more connecting, this time by students in the Kurrajong Programme* with people in Vanuatu. I look forward to seeing the joy and blessing that connection brings to the lives of all involved.

*The Kurrajong Programme is for students in Years 11 & 12 at Kuyper.


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