The Wrap

Rob Weule, Head of Primary 3 – 6 (on behalf of the Seussical Production Team)

It was September 2018 when the Production Team started thinking about staging a musical. We planned the performance for Term 4 2019 … then September 2020 … then May 2021. After re-auditioning many parts and applying for yet another date, we were so pleased and excited to (finally) present the August 2022 production of Seussical the Musical Jr to five sell-out shows.

The patience and understanding of the cast has been astounding, as we navigated our way along the COVID journey. We acknowledge the ‘original’ cast members, who rehearsed and committed to the show but were unable to bring it to an audience. Thank you for launching the musical, and being wonderful examples of leadership for our final cast.

There will be a moment, before the overture begins. A moment of deepest silence – between breath, between thought and between sound itself.

Ed Ayres 2021 “Whole Notes” page 3

In this moment, the performers, both on and off stage, gathered their bravery and every rehearsal memory and they brought it all to you, as audience members. They brought the story to life. The young people who performed on and behind the stage are precious and unique. Well may Dr Seuss say, Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. We praise God for every single one of these students.

Thank you for clapping, laughing, crying, empathising, and enjoying with great enthusiasm because the story they presented to you is not just Seussical. It is their own story as well; their doubts, fears, flair, talent, celebration and struggles were on show for all to see. We appreciate the cast, crew and volunteers deeply. We, as a production team, have been blessed throughout this whole adventure.

It truly was a 110% effort. And so …

That’s a wrap!

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