Healthy Harold

Healthy Harold will be visiting Kuyper again. You will see the Life Education van in Primary soon, and students from Prep – Year 6 will enjoy a lesson with Healthy Harold and their class. These lessons are planned and delivered with class teachers, tailored to our school and the age of each group. If you have any questions at all, please contact your class teacher.

The timetable for Healthy Harold’s visit is as follows:

  • Wednesday 3 August, 9:15am, Year 5
  • Wednesday 3 August, 11am, Prep & Kindy
  • Thursday 4 August, 9:15am, Year 4
  • Thursday 4 August, 11am, Year 3
  • Friday 5 August, 9:15am, Year 6
  • Friday 5 August, 11am, Year 2
  • Friday 5 August, 1:45pm, Year 1

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