Parent/Teacher Interviews, face-to-face

Parent/Teacher interviews for Prep to Year 10 students will be held in the Library on Thursday 28 July (this week) and Tuesday 2 August (next week), from 4pm. Parent/Teacher interviews for Senior students will be held later in Term 3.

Use the button below to make your bookings. Bookings for Thursday have now closed, but Tuesday is still open. Contact the Office if you experience any difficulties. Bookings for Tuesday will close on Thursday 28 July.

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Creative by Design

As a teacher, the challenge is not to teach creativity, but to help students learn that they are creative, and then give them the tools to utilise their creativity for God’s glory.

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Healthy Harold

Healthy Harold will be visiting Kuyper again and Prep – Year 6 will enjoy a lesson with Healthy Harold and their class.

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Celebrate Hope

We are reminded of the deep hope we share in an enduring and faithful God. Therefore, we practice hope in Him.

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