Flood Support Opportunity

We have all seen the devastating impact of the floods in NSW. Over 100 regional Independent schools, and tens of thousands of students who are part of our wider Independent schools community have experienced damage to their homes and have lost school equipment such as laptops, books and uniforms. They need our support.

You can directly support affected students by clicking on this link to donate to the Australian Independent Schools Fund’s (AISF) Flood Relief Appeal. All donations over $2 are tax deductable and a receipt will be generated and emailed to you automatically. The AISF has no administrative costs; every dollar donated will go directly to supporting flood-affected students and will be distributed to families promptly.

The AISF was established in 2017 by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW to provide tax deductable financial donations directly to disadvantaged students, including those needing emergency relief due to natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and storms. In 2020, the AISF distributed more than $600,000 directly, within days, to 176 families who had suffered catastrophe in the summer bushfires. A further $263,700 went directly to 76 families impacted by storms and floods the same year. This funding was delivered to affected families within days and their gratitude was overwhelming.

Thank you for reaching out to families in our sister schools in NSW and providing your support for those among us who are in need.


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