COVID-19 Update 26

With the increase in COVID cases both at school and in our local community, Secondary students and staff are asked to wear masks indoors at school until further notice.

Parents visiting the school grounds are also encouraged to wear masks. Students and staff in Primary may choose to wear masks indoors.

NSW Health guidelines still stipulate that masks must be worn by all passengers aged 12 years and older travelling to and from school and during school excursions on public or private transport services. This includes the Kuyper coach.

Parents are encouraged to use the RAHT kits supplied by the school to continue testing twice weekly, on Monday and Wednesday morning, and to administer a RAHT at any other time if symptoms occur.

Any student who returns a positive RAHT must notify the school and record the positive RAHT result through the Service NSW website or Service NSW app. Positive COVID cases and close contacts must follow NSW Health Advice regarding self-isolation. Anyone who lives with a person with COVID is classified as a close contact and must also self-isolate according to the current advice.

Parents are reminded that students displaying COVID-19 symptoms cannot attend school, even if a negative RAHT result has been returned. Symptomatic individuals must not attend school until symptoms have resolved. Any student with other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms must provide the school with a letter from their GP.

Hybrid learning remains available for students who are required to isolate due to COVID-19 but are still well enough to work. Refer to our School@Home webpage for details.

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