A Word from Ian Shaw

Happy Limelight! God’s world is filled with wonder. It was created by God, is sustained by God and is therefore filled with the wonder and gift of His presence. His presence within His people enables them to serve and support one another. This is the testimony of the faithful work that Mrs Abraham, Mr Gummerson, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Huxley have done in our Kuyper community over the years.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.

Psalm 118:1

We now say thank you and reflect on their service to Kuyper and the wider Christian school community. It is also fitting, at the end of a long career in education, that we allow Mrs Huxley the opportunity to express her thankfulness to God and the community by giving the last word on this final week of the year, and her last teaching week before retirement. I commend her thoughts to you with a thankful heart. God is good! But for now, I share my thoughts for those who are leaving us at this significant point in the life of our school.

Sadly, we say farewell to Mrs Abraham and Mr Gummerson. Mrs Abraham worked with us for a short time this year in Reception. We have enjoyed getting to know her and are thankful for her service to us. We wish her well as she moves in a new direction. Mr Gummerson has been a picture of reliability over the past 7 years, driving the Kuyper Bus. He has been as reliable as the sun rising each morning, driving our students to and from school each day. This is a huge responsibility and one that he has taken seriously, delivering a level of care that has been unmatched.

I first met Mrs Mitchell at Tyndale Christian School more than 25 years ago when she was teaching Primary students. This year, Mrs Mitchell completes 10 years of faithful service to the Kuyper community. I was thrilled to know that Mrs Mitchell was working at Kuyper when I arrived. She demonstrated leadership qualities that became invaluable to us. In particular, she took on leadership of the Diversability Team, directing new initiatives in developing Literacy and Numeracy in Primary School.

It has been wonderful to have Mrs Mitchell on the Executive team. She shared her strengths in teaching, reflective writing and strategic planning, to name a few, complementing the team. Her contribution on many levels will be deeply missed, and we pray that she will bless her new Christian school community in the southwest.

When I attended my first meeting at an Education Conference 33 years ago, Mrs Huxley was there. I didn’t know Mrs Huxley at the time, but she was one of the faces that kept appearing. You know, when you see someone in a room from a distance and you say in your head “I think I’ve seen you before”. As I attended conferences over the years, Mrs Huxley was normally there. Mrs Huxley has served Kuyper for around 30 years, initially as an educational consultant for the School and later as a teacher, and part of the Executive Team for many years. I can recall asking colleagues about Kuyper before I arrived and they would say things like “Sue Huxley is there and she is good value, great, wonderful…” etc.

30 years of service. I’ll repeat that… 30 years of faithful service. Sue has served our God and Kuyper well. I’d like to mention Mrs Huxley’s husband Peter at this point too. Mr Huxley also has been faithfully supporting Mrs Huxley along the way. Mr Huxley has been a regular visitor to Kuyper, helping Mrs Huxley create amazing decorative sets for her classroom. He is always offering helpful service through photography and repurposed gifts to the School. He is a man with a big heart, and a big shed. We will miss him too.

Mrs Huxley loves her job. This can be clearly seen, even at the end of her teaching career. Nothing has faded. Her passion to teach has endured over the years. It has been a privilege for me and other colleagues to enter her classroom and observe Mrs Huxley. There has been no slowing down in the lead up to retirement; Mrs Huxley is sprinting to the finish line!

Sarah, Warwick, Lyndal and Sue have left their mark on Kuyper, being instrumental in making Kuyper what it is today. This strong community has been here for many decades; caring for students, supporting staff and families, encouraging academic excellence and focusing on Jesus, who is at the centre of our learning. These people are friends and colleagues to us all. True Kuyperians.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you all a joyous Christmas. May you understand deeply the wonder of God’s grace in sending His Son, the Lord Jesus, into the world.

Joy to the world!

The Last Word from Mrs Huxley

As my retirement approaches, along with the feelings of sadness at leaving Kuyper and all the involvement I have had here for more than 30 years, there’s a joyful anticipation of what is going to happen on the next part of life’s journey for my husband Peter and I as well as an overarching thankfulness. I am thankful to an awesome God who gave me a calling and a passion to be a teacher. A God who has sustained me through the challenges and victories of what it means to teach with Christ at the centre of all things. A God who through the death and resurrection of his own Son, Jesus, has graciously given me a hope and an assured future in eternity. I am also thankful to have been part of the Kuyper community. The founding members of our school were convicted of the importance of their God-given responsibility to raise their children to love and serve Him and others. They considered that a school that partnered with them in this undertaking was vital.

The privilege I have had to teach and partner with parents in educating, nurturing and discipling their children has been a great honour and humbling experience. Working in the Primary years of schooling, you don’t always see the fruits of your labour. I have seen young men and women I taught, graduate from Year 12, confidently articulating their faith, some returning to Kuyper to work in serving others, to do practicums to become teachers themselves. I have also been encouraged and privileged to teach the children of past students. What an awesome heritage for our school!

Working on the Education Sub-Committee in the early years of our school, gave me insight into the challenges of teaching with Christ at the centre of all things. Kuyper has an awesome, passionate, creative and faithful staff as they serve in the classroom, in administration or hold everything together in the maintenance of our school. I am so grateful to have been able to serve with these people and I commend them all to you.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17

I know that God has already got things planned. I just need to rest in Him. So rather than say, ‘Goodbye’; I’ll say, ‘Au revoir – until we see each other again.’

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.

C.S. Lewis

Many blessings in Christ, Sue Huxley

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