• Staff at Kuyper Christian School will not be striking on Thursday. It will be business as usual. Don’t forget, it will also be non-uniform day, raising money for CBM!
  • We would still like some help with morning tea on Friday 1 July for the 40 Year Celebration Service. Please email if you can assist.
  • We have oodles of lost property here in the Office. Unclaimed lost property will be discarded or re-sold as secondhand uniform at the end of term.
  • Reminder about masks in school, from the NSW Government Website: Masks continue to be mandatory on public transport. This applies to students aged 12 years and older, and staff when travelling to and from school and during school excursions by public transport or by chartered transport services.  In line with the latest advice from NSW Health, masks are recommended for students and staff who have recovered from COVID-19, completed their 7-day isolation period and are no longer showing symptoms for an additional 3 days (from days 8 – 10 after receiving a positive COVID-19 result). Additionally, mask wearing is mandatory for staff and high school students returning to school as close contacts for 5 school days and recommended for primary school students returning to school as close contacts for 5 school days.
  • Families are reminded to ensure that at least half of your school fees for the year are paid by the end of June. If you need to discuss this, please contact Tina in the Office Monday – Thursday.
  • Reminder to all parents, not to use the Bus Bay to drop off or pick up your children as it hinders bus movements and is unsafe.
  • Eczema Support Australia has recently released a new video series with Dr Justin Coulson on Practical Parenting for Eczema Families. The video resource provides an insight into the daily challenges faced by families with eczema. It also provides strategies to help develop positive coping mechanisms and reduce feelings of isolation for the family unit. Please use this link to view the video series.

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Kuyper’s Pioneering parents, who established the school, wanted their children to know and love Jesus. This is the fundamental reason for the establishment of Kuyper Christian School 40 years ago.

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Non-Uniform Day

On Thursday next week, we will hold a non-uniform Crazy Glasses day to raise money for CBM. Students are encouraged to wear crazy glasses and non-uniform and bring a gold coin.

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Good Stories

Nothing captivates our imaginations, pulls on our heart strings or sends us on a rollercoaster of emotions like a good story. It’s the reason why many of us spend hours with our noses in a book, or eyes glued to a cinema screen. We love stories.

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Special 40 Year Event

Parents, Association members, alumni and staff are warmly invited to celebrate the significant milestone of our 40 Year Anniversary with two special events at the end of this term.

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