Prayer & Praise

  • Praise God that he continues in his sovereignty through all circumstances. Praise God for His grace towards us through Jesus Christ. He is worthy of all of our love and devotion. Worship and thank Him for His sacrifice that rescued us from death.
  • Give thanks for our staff. Pray that the Lord would restore us all to full health and strength over the holidays.
  • Give thanks for all our students and their families. Pray for the ministry of the Holy Spirit through those who know Him, to lead us in prayer, words and deeds to encourage and exhort each other and find our health, peace and direction in the Lord. Pray for protection over the hearts and minds of our children and young people.
  • Pray for the Aoun family, whose father Joseph is unwell in hospital. Pray for the Allen family, whose father Geoff is also unwell. Pray for the Thompson family, struggling to fully recover from COVID. Pray for the Vincenti family, for a way forward with Kyden’s injury.
  • Pray for our 40 year celebrations; that we would be truly thankful and joyful for what God has provided and achieved for us and through us. Pray that we would continue in the spirit we began with in 1982.
  • Give thanks for our Kuyper families. Pray for all students and carers as they receive their academic reports this week. Pray for staff as they complete them.
  • Give thanks for our Government and those in authority. Pray that they would be led in wisdom and truth to lead our country for the future good of all. Pray that “every person be subject to the governing authorities.” Give thanks that our government has been “instituted by God” (Romans 13:1).
  • Praise God for the faithful Pioneers of Kuyper Christian School. Give thanks for those who have continued to nurture and grow those beginnings. Give thanks for Abraham Kuyper, his vision and his teachings. Give thanks that our foundations are in Christ, who is the source of all Truth. Give thanks that we are in partnership with each other – staff, parents and carers – as we serve the Lord by nurturing children in the knowledge and love of Him. Thank Him for each individual who makes up the Kuyper Community and lead us to value the whole person, so that each one may be encouraged in their relationship with God. Thank God for the students he has entrusted to our care, made in His image, to glorify Him. Worship Him because He is holy. Thank Him for His love and faithfulness towards His creation. Praise Him as Creator God, from whom we inherit our creativity. Give abundant thanks for his mercy and grace, without which we would be lost indeed. Give thanks also for His justice, that will not fail, and His forgiveness which is freely extended to all who would accept it. Give thanks for our God and his omnipotence; his power and influence is unlimited! Give thanks for our God and his omniscience; his universal understanding and complete knowledge. Give thanks for our God and his omnipresence; he is present everywhere at the same time. Worship the Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
  • Give thanks for our Board and Executive teams. Pray for one-ness of purpose for our staff, Board, Executive team, and Association.

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Kuyper’s Pioneering parents, who established the school, wanted their children to know and love Jesus. This is the fundamental reason for the establishment of Kuyper Christian School 40 years ago.

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Non-Uniform Day

On Thursday next week, we will hold a non-uniform Crazy Glasses day to raise money for CBM. Students are encouraged to wear crazy glasses and non-uniform and bring a gold coin.

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Good Stories

Nothing captivates our imaginations, pulls on our heart strings or sends us on a rollercoaster of emotions like a good story. It’s the reason why many of us spend hours with our noses in a book, or eyes glued to a cinema screen. We love stories.

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Special 40 Year Event

Parents, Association members, alumni and staff are warmly invited to celebrate the significant milestone of our 40 Year Anniversary with two special events at the end of this term.

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