A Word from Rob Weule

The last excursion that Stage Two enjoyed was on 1 April this year, to the Easter show. Yep, if you are counting, that’s 233 days ago. Last Friday we had the amazing opportunity to ‘Learn in God’s World’ with an excursion to Longneck Lagoon.

Longneck is an environmental educational site run by NSW Schools. It is staffed by qualified teachers and environmental experts. Our teachers for the day were Vicky (Principal) and Amy. Their class for the day was our own Year 3 and Year 4 students. Vicky and Amy lead the kids through some wonderful learning experiences including: dip netting, bug and creepy crawly catching, microscope usage, life-cycle discussions, food chain exploration, a simulation game called ‘The Web of Life’, and environmental waste procedures. It was just so wonderful to be out and about and learning in God’s World.

We saw many bugs and creepy crawlies at Longneck Lagoon. We learnt that they are all very important to the health of our environment. They all have a purpose. God designed and created every one of them. They reflect His care for us and His master plan and purpose for His Kingdom. Jesus died for them too. He died for ‘every square inch’ of His creation.

While on excursion, the lyrics of the Year 4 Limelight song rang clear in our minds and actions.

We Will WHOK it

We will, we will, WHOK it
We will, we will, WHOK it

Verse 1
Gotta be WISE it’s what Jesus said to be
Gotta make sure everybody’s HAPPY
This aint no rule
KINDNESS is the way so don’t be cruel

Verse 2
If you wanna be great
Then you gotta care
If you wanna be great, then care everywhere
From morning till night
Do what Jesus said
The measure of your greatness is your care that you spread

Verse 3
Live your learning too
That’s what you gotta do
To learn in God’s world that He created for you
Learn about His Son
Learn what He has done
Died and rose again your new life has begun

Were the Year 3 and 4 kids W.H.O & K? Yes they were. Were the Year 3 and 4 kids Great? Absolutely. Did the Year 3 and 4 live their learning? Completely, in God’s World.


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