Book Week Fun 2021

A big Thank You to all the parents, staff and students who got involved with Book Week online. It was a fun time. Mrs Kean set the students a choice of activities, and the results were amazing; from Lego libraries to colourful baking to reading books with animals and toys. It was a wonderful Book Week lockdown celebration.

Thank You also to the students and families who joined in the Premier’s reading challenge for 2021. We trust you have enjoyed all you read!

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A Word from Rob Weule

We saw many bugs and creepy crawlies at Longneck Lagoon. God designed and created every one of them. Jesus died for them too. He died for ‘every square inch’ of His creation.

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A Word from Cassie Dixon

How many of us have been paralysed by fear of the unknown? There are so many things that we can worry about. Thankfully, God does not expect us to journey through life alone.

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A Word from Jason Shadie

The HSC is just one important event in the life of our students. It is definitely not a ‘defining’ moment. Our students – your children – are infinitely more valuable than the results of their exams.

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