A Word from Kae McCaull

For me, the online google meetings in the morning with my class have been one of the highlights of my day.  During this time, we share what’s been happening for each other, pray, look at God’s word and reconnect as a class. In our devotion time Year 1 and 2 have been working through a book called “How Great is Our God” by Louie Giglio. This book looks at some of the awesome things that God has created and, through them, encourages us to think about the truths that God has taught us in His word. I would like to share something very interesting that we have learned in our time together.

Plants, as you well know, are unable to move around to disperse their seeds. Class 1/2 were amazed as we looked at some of the ways that God has provided for different plants to disperse their seeds.  We considered the coconut, which drops its giant seeds into the water that then carries them far away to different places. We looked at maples and dandelions whose seeds fly away on the wind.  We chuckled about the squirting cucumber, whose fruit fills with liquid until it explodes, squirting seeds up to 6 metres away. But the most impressive, and dangerous, is the Sandbox Tree. This tree can be found in South America and the Amazon Rainforest.

The Sandbox Tree is also called the Dynamite Tree because it has fruit like little bombs. When they are ripe, they explode, sending out seeds at approximately 240 km/h and making a sound like a gunshot. This tree is also called the ‘monkey-no-climb’ tree because it is covered in spikes. The sap of this tree can cause a terrible rash and even blindness.

After marvelling at God’s creation, Class 1/2 went on to discuss the type of seeds that we can sow. God calls on us to sow seeds of righteousness and kindness. A quote from our devotions book reminded us that “being kind means more than just smiling and being nice. It takes courage to be kind to the person that is different from you. And it takes strength to be kind when you’re tired or when others aren’t so kind to you.” I am sure you could add some more situations, such as being in lockdown for months, to the list of things that make being kind difficult. Thankfully we don’t have to be courageous and strong on our own. God gives us all the courage and strength we need to do the things He wants us to do.

Just like the seeds of a plant, any seeds of kindness we sow will grow and spread. When we are kind to others, it encourages them to be kind to their fellow humans as well, therefore spreading seeds of kindness far and wide. In our current trying times it takes a God-given amount of strength to be kind day after day.  While we are all locked down it may take a little more creativity to think of ways that we can be kind or reach out to others, but it is certainly worth it and definitely what our hurting world needs at this time. The family that we share a home with is a great place to start. I hope you can sow some kindness today and that you are blessed enough to see some kindness from others.

Just don’t try to climb a Sandbox Tree, that’s not being kind to anyone.


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