Volunteers Needed for Secondary & Senior Exams

With the upcoming HSC and Secondary exams, some of our students are entitled to a reader and/or writer in order to facilitate a fair assessment of their knowledge. There are two types of volunteer needed, as outlined below:

Volunteers to work with HSC students
Strict rules apply to the position of reader and/or writer in HSC examinations. Volunteers are not allowed to have been employed at the school and cannot support a student who is a friend or family member. Due to the importance of this role, volunteers would be asked to participate in practice sessions with the student they will be supporting in order to build a rapport and help them to become confident in the process. HSC examinations are being held during November this year.

Volunteers to work with students in Years 7-10
Volunteers in this role would register their availability in the lead up to the exam week and may or may not be assigned to exam/s, depending on demand.

If you are a confident reader and writer, with legible handwriting and reasonable spelling, please consider making yourself available for one or both of these roles.

Please email the Office to register your interest (admin@kuyper.nsw.edu.au).

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