A Word from Orlando (Year 4)

Being in lockdown has been hard for everyone… but there are some positive things about being at home.

I’m going to mention some great things I enjoy whilst being at home. Firstly, getting to see my family throughout the day (even though my brother is  annoying). Such as having chats with my parents and squeezing them all day… and a very occasional hug with my brother. Also seeing my mum running around spraying Glen-20  is hilarious… it still smells  good even after mum sprayed it a million times!

This is one of my favourites… home made food. I get to choose what I want to eat for lunch… and eating together with my family at the table! My dad makes me laugh a lot with his funny jokes. Also I get to see my dog Luna all day, cause she is extremely cute. I know this sounds silly but I get to wear super comfy clothes like for example my track suit pants and sloppy joe. The last thing that I would like to add to this list is going down my fire trail for walks on my property whenever I can, I get to see lots of wildlife that I like (that does not include spiders and snakes).

OH! I nearly forgot, doing school work at home is fun as well.

On a serious note: I pray that everyone who is feeling sick due to COVID-19 gets better and the world gets back to normal one day… Amen.

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