WHOKing with Google Meet

During School@Home, staff will occasionally connect with students using the Google Meet video conferencing service. All participants in these online sessions are expected to behave in ways that promote a supportive, inclusive and effective learning environment. Students should adhere to the following guidelines when using Google Meet:

  • All content that students share must be respectful, inclusive and polite.
  • Disruptive, disrespectful, racist, sexist, bullying and discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any form. Students will be removed from Google Meet sessions should they engage in any of these behaviours or other inappropriate behaviour.
  • Students should dress in modest and appropriate clothing, per regular school guidelines. School uniform is not required.
  • Students should sit somewhere they can be supervised by an adult and not be disturbed during the session. A bedroom is not suitable or appropriate.
  • The background of the video should not be distracting for other participants. If a virtual background is being used, it must be appropriate and per regular school guidelines.
  • Use of headphones with a microphone is encouraged. Headphones improve audio quality for both the user and the other participants and prevent disruptions to others at home.
  • Students should not invite others to a school Google Meet session. If they think that someone is missing from the invite list, they should let the teacher know.
  • Students should connect to the Google Meet with ‘video on’. Video connection communicates to staff that it is the student online and not someone else. If internet bandwidth is problematic, students may revert to just audio. However, they should always try to connect with video first.
  • Audio should be on mute for everyone except the person speaking. Muting audio reduces unnecessary background noise.
  • Students should use the Google Meet ‘Raise Hand’ function to ask questions, just as they would in a regular class.
  • During the Google Meet session, students are expected to be attentive and sit still and to avoid distracting other participants.
  • Students should avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, and other slang in the message feature during a Google Meet. Do not use all-caps (this signifies yelling at others).
  • Phones should be switched to silent while participating in a Google Meet session.
  • Only work-related windows on the computer should be open during a Google Meet. All other windows should be closed before commencing the session.
  • No images of other students or their work should be captured or shared outside Google Classroom. Students (and parents) must not take photos, screenshots or record the meeting.
  • Students should respect the views of others at all times in the same way that they would do if meeting in person.

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