COVID-19 Update 16

Department of Education: Stronger Advice for Parents

NSW Health & the Department of Education have issued stronger advice for parents stressing the importance of keeping their children at home where possible:

“Parents must keep children home if they can, any age and in primary school, secondary school and early childcare. Students will be supported to learn from home. Schools and early childhood education and care services, including Out Of School Hours Care services, are open for any child that needs them. Thank you for your support.”

The School remains open for those who need it; however, parents are encouraged to keep children at home if possible. Check School@Home details on our website and remember to log your children into their Google Classrooms at 9 am tomorrow for a live Google Meet with their class and Core teacher.

Don’t hesitate to contact the School if you have any questions, (02) 4573 2999.

Yours in Christ
Ian Shaw


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