A Word from Ian Shaw

Jesus taught us to pray, “our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come…” (Matthew 6:9-10)

As I think of God’s kingdom, it helps me put into perspective the dramas of life that are happening around me. We now have hope, irrespective of our personal circumstances, because of what Jesus has already done in His coming to earth, His death and resurrection. This is a huge comfort as we face uncertain times. Therefore, as we live day by day, the commands and life of Christ inspire and compel us.

But seek first the Kingdom of God…

Matthew 6:33

What does this mean? It seems to me that seeking the kingdom is not something we should only do on Sundays or when we feel religious, but something that we take seriously in every sphere of life, in every square inch of life, in fact. This Kuyperian thinking was something that I heard expressed in a song recorded in the United Kingdom recently. We Seek Your Kingdom speaks of the everyday and the earnest desire of a Christian to honour God with their life, work, play, relationships, possessions, every square inch. The lyrics go like this:

  • We seek Your kingdom throughout every sphere, We long for heaven’s demonstration here. Jesus, your light shine bright for all to see. Transform, revive and heal society.
  • Before all things, in Him all things were made, Inspiring culture, media and trade. May all our work serve Your economy. Transform, revive and heal society.
  • Peace, truth and justice reign in every way, With us be present in our public square. Fill all who lead with Your Integrity. Transform, revive and heal society.
  • Faithful to govern ever may we be, Selfless in service, loving constantly. In everything may Your authority, Transform, revive and heal society.
  • Lyrics by Andy Flannagan, Noel Robinson, Graham Hunter. Melody by William Henry Monk (public domain). Eventide (Abide with me).

These words reflect my deep hope for our Kuyper community, that even though we are apart and indoors, the kingdom is so important that we might take every opportunity, in every sphere, even locked away, to be repentant people of peace, truth and justice, seeking to serve and make much of God’s kingdom.

Nothing matters but the Kingdom. Because of the Kingdom, everything matters.


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