W.O.W. Band-a-thon, Thursday 22 July

This event is an opportunity for students to obtain sponsors, as well as practice, because they will play for four straight hours… If you need a sponsorship form, contact the Office.

Parents, carers and friends are most welcome to attend the the band-a-thon. Busker-style donations will be accepted on the day.

All money raised will go towards the Way Out West School Tour and ensure that all band members can have this wonderful experience.

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A Word from Elizabeth Porter

There are times when it’s okay not to be okay, and have a good cry. This advertisement challenged me though, to “remember whose daughter you are”, and to fight on. I’d like to consider whose daughter I am on two levels.

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COVID-19 Update 18

Secondary students may collect learning resources from school on Monday, 26 July. Find out how to collect your resources here.

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A Letter from our Chaplain, Mr H

“We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him.” I am also here if you need prayer, or if you want to just have a chat. Feel free to send me an email. from Mike Hottinger (Chaplain)

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