A Word from Sarah Allen

The Hawkesbury Show, 2021, was a highly anticipated and enjoyable event for our school, families, friends and feathered folk, and a successful community weekend. I especially enjoyed visiting all the pavilions and searching for ‘Kuyper Kids’ entries. The show enables so many to use their God-given talents to create some beautiful displays. I look forward to the 2022 show and seeing our school’s creativity bloom again. 

Here are some words from our students…

For the Hawkesbury show we had to prepare our animals and vegetables, to the highest extent. This included for our feathery friends washing, drying, fattening and preening. For the vegetables harvesting, rinsing and rearranging. The washing was done using purple soap for a glowing white and wool wash for softness. After a quick wash in the morning of the set up, and purple dye going everywhere, we went to set up the Kuyper Tent. With a stray bag that was a wrong replacement and a lunch break at Macca’s we finished up and went home. The next day, the first day of the Hawkesbury Show, the Elective Food Tech and Agriculture classes rocked up, opened our tent and finalised everything. We played around with ‘Spheros’ and origami cups and talked to kids that were interested. The Food Tech class performed two demonstrations of Hommus dip and the Agriculture class demonstrated how to wash a chicken. We walked around the show, bought some lunch and then went home. Our Kuyper kids did our school proud with entries in cooking, arts and crafts, animals, and floristry with lots of them placing. Overall the Hawkesbury Show for Kuyper was a huge success and it was very exciting. We hope we can continue to go to the show every year. 

Taylah Allen, Elective Agriculture

On the first day, a few of the Kuyper community went to the Hawkesbury show and had a great time. First we set up the Kuyper tent which took time but we managed to get everything ready in time and had entered many vegetables, eggs, chickens, artworks and more. One of my personal favourite highlights of the Hawkesbury show was going to McDonalds in Windsor. Unfortunately a number of people had forgotten money to buy anything but Mrs Allen shouted us and bought food for us (such a great teacher). On the second day a few more students managed to go. We all had a blast and started to set up the sphero’s and taught the kids origami. We also got to walk around and see a few of our own accomplishments around the show here and there.

Tom Pennings, Elective Agriculture

At the Hawkesbury show, held from the 23rd to the 25th of April many members of the Kuyper community entered many marvelous things. The Elective Food Tech class entered numerous delicious food items including; lemon butter, jams and relishes, a great deal of these earning highly commended from the judges. The Elective Agriculture class also entered the show, with six ducks and eleven chickens entered in the poultry competition. A countless amount of our animals placed with one of our ducks for the school duck challenge winning the champion ribbon. Eggs were also entered in the competition with the six coloured eggs from the olive egg laying chicken placing second and the six bantam eggs from the schools’ selection of Belgium D’uccle Bantam chickens placing first. The agriculture class’ vegetable displays also won first place. One of Kuyper’s talented staff members also won first place in a floristry class. In the end Kuyper’s Hawkesbury show adventure was a huge success with prizes won over a range of categories.

Caitlin Steer, Elective Agriculture


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