Trial Drop-Off Zone

We are currently trialing a drop-off zone so children can easily disembark from vehicles in the Secondary Carpark. This is a trial, and we welcome any helpful feedback with a view to making drop-off a safe and relatively seamless operation. This will be a staged trial initially involving drop-off only, not collection. Please email your feedback to The trial started on Monday 17 May and will run for two weeks. It will involve the morning drop-off only. Below are some guidelines:

  • Only use this drop-off zone if this is normally where your children would alight. If you have been seeing your children into school at either of the other two gates, please continue to do this.
  • Do not allow your children to alight at any other place in the Secondary Carpark.
  • Children are not to cross the carpark. Bollards will be positioned to remind them to alight on the western (oval) side of the drop off area and use the current walkways from there.
  • Drivers must take care not to block the gate as buses and cars will continue to turn around using the carpark.
  • If the drop-off zone is full please do a circuit by going out the exit gate and re-entering by the entry gate. Two cars should be able to drop off at any time.
  • Please do not reverse out of the drop-off zone; move forwards, turn back into the carpark (giving way to any buses and cars passing through) and continue out the exit gate.
  • Remember this is a drop-off zone. To keep traffic moving smoothly, please stop only to allow your children to alight. If you need to do anything else, please exit the carpark and stop outside the fence.

Thank you for your patience as we seek to improve our facilities and systems.

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