Evacuation & Lock-down Procedures

Following our last lock-down drill, we thought it would be helpful if parents understood the process. Feel free to contact the Office if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding evacuations or lock-down. One evacuation or lock-down drill is performed each term, usually alternating, so that two of each are performed every year. The Principal determines the day and time when the drill will occur. Staff are informed of the week in which the drill will occur. Students are not informed.


  1. Evacuation alarm is activated. It is a series of short siren blasts that will continue until all students have reached the assembly point.
  2. Students line up outside their classrooms.
  3. Classrooms are then locked and students, lead by their teacher, proceed to the Hall (unless otherwise advised).
  4. Students sit down in class groups in the Hall.
  5. As each class is seated, the teacher marks the class roll.
  6. Class rolls are compared with the daily absence list. Any discrepancies are investigated and accounted for.
  7. Principal provides explanation and debrief.
  8. Students are dismissed with their class teacher.
  9. Parents are (now) informed via text message.


  1. Lock-down alarm is activated. It is a series of long siren sounds that will continue until lock-down is complete.
  2. Students are instructed to sit under their desks.
  3. Classrooms are then locked and blinds drawn by the teacher.
  4. Principal and Executive Staff conduct a walk-around of the school, releasing each class from the lock-down by knocking on the door and confirming that it has concluded.
  5. Class teacher provides explanation and debrief to students.
  6. Classes continue as normal.
  7. Parents are (now) informed via text message.

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