Parents & their Children’s Stories

Bronte Kelso-Marsh, a PhD candidate at Murdoch University, is working on a project being developed through the University (ethics approval 2020/200), which aims to investigate the role of parental involvement in primary school-aged children’s writing.  

This project is being developed to understand more about Parent/Carer involvement in a child’s writing during the primary school years. Although research has demonstrated parental involvement in a child’s education provides many academic benefits, little is still known about what parents do to support their child’s writing. Furthermore, even less is known about what motivates parents to become involved with their child’s writing. As such, this project will address these important gaps to better understand what parents are doing to support their children becoming good writers.  

The attached letter provides further information about this study and invites Parents/Carers of primary school children to complete an online survey designed to capture parental involvement in writing. The survey is completely anonymous, and it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. A link to the survey is included in the information letter below.

As participants in this research, Parents/Carers will have early access to details of any research outputs arising from this project. These will be made available online in early 2022. To view the research outputs, Parents/Carers are invited to visit the Writing and Reading for All Facebook page

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