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“Heart, Head, Hands and Hoofs!” is the theme for our Stage 3 (Year 5 & 6) students in 2021. After only a few weeks, and some theme-related activities, students were asked what exactly they thought “Heart, Head, Hands and Hoofs!” meant. Their responses were varied. Here are just a few of them:

“Heart, head, hands and hooves means that we have to work together…” (KO, Year 5)


“Your heart is very special. If you have faith and trust in the Lord, you can live, love and believe in whatever God has planned for you.” (SA, Year 5)

“A place where you can love God [and] Jesus.” (JF, Year 6)


“Your head is used to think [about] what to do in God’s creation, to think wisely and choose [which] path to walk on.” (AH, Year 6)

“Don’t let your head/tongue control your life and don’t let sin slip out like a snake.” (HM, Year 6)


“God’s hand leads us in the right direction of life.” (NC, Year 6)

“Pick up the cross.” (JM, Year 6)


“You let me stand on a rock with my feet firm…” (HS, Year 6)

“Kick sin out of our lives!” (AT, Year 6)

“When you believe in what God has to say; trust Him, follow Him and walk in His ‘hoofsteps’/footsteps.” (SA, Year 5)

God created hand, head, and heart; the hand for the deed, the head for the world, the heart for mysticism.

Abraham Kuyper

Without wanting to give too much away or spoil any opportunities for students to discover and learn for themselves, this wonderful theme can be kept simple, or explored deeply. As one of the Stage 3 teachers this year, it is my hope that students choose the latter.

I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

Psalm 40:8

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