Welcome to 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year! A year framed with much uncertainty as a nation we deal with the ramifications of a pandemic. We approach this uncertainty knowing that our School is founded on the truth of the Bible, a strong foundation that reminds us that God has His world in His hand. Therefore, we need not fear but approach the future with faithful confidence that whatever comes our way does not come by surprise to our faithful Father.

We concluded 2020 with a sense of anticipation that COVID-19 regulations may be eased. After the Northern Beaches outbreak, we now know that the situation can change very quickly. So, in 2021 we find ourselves with similar guidelines to those we were following last year. We must be prepared to be flexible again this year – come what may. We do have some freedom in our activities with students. However, parent involvement will still be limited for the time being. More details around this subject can be found in the in the Q & A appendix at the bottom of this post.

Be assured that Kuyper is prepared to quickly transition to School@Home should we be required to go into full lockdown again. We certainly hope to avoid this, as I am sure you do as well. Your children’s teachers are anticipating their return, preparing to start the year strongly with learning from the moment they enter their classroom next Monday morning. 

It is a wonderful to start to the year being able to introduce so many additional staff onto the Kuyper Team. God has continued to bless the school with a community that is growing. Follow the link below to find out more. Our prayer, as a staff, is that your children will also grow in their understanding of this amazing world that God has made and seek to honour Jesus with the knowledge, skills, and relationships they develop.

I am encouraged by our new and continuing staff team and welcome you to join us for the Meet the Kuyper Team Evening at School, 7:00 – 9:00pm on Tuesday 16 February 2021.

  • Hear from new staff.
  • Find out what is happening around the School.
  • Hear about some exciting plans.
  • Speak with staff.
  • Wear a colourful mask!

I look forward to trying to work out who is behind the mask.

Yours in Christ,

Ian Shaw

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