Term 1, 2021: Questions & Answers

The below Q & As address some of the requirements that are currently in place for schools to help reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Can parents come into the school grounds? Parents can attend essential meetings with school staff where they have an appointment or have significant business to attend to with the school. E.g., purchasing from the Uniform Shop; meeting with a child’s teacher to discuss learning needs; paying school fees, etc. Please use the QR code near the School gate or on the Office door as you enter the School grounds.

Can parents attend school sport or assist at school? Spectators, including parents and carers, are currently not permitted within school grounds for events or activities held during school hours. A limited number of parents may be asked by the school to assist with education programs such as reading. The school will approach interested parents for these roles.

Can parents attend Celebrations Assemblies, Primary or Secondary Assemblies? Not at this stage.

Do parents, staff and students need to wear masks? Staff and students are not required to wear a face mask while at school. However, NSW Health recommend that anyone who wishes to wear a mask in schools should not be prevented from doing so. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory for parents and carers visiting schools, provided they are visiting only for the explicit reasons within the guidelines and maintain physical distancing and hygiene practices while at school.

What about bus travel? Staff and students, (except for those 12 years and under or those with medical conditions), who reside or travel to and from Greater Sydney must comply with the Public Health (COVID-19 Mandatory Face Coverings) Order 2021 when travelling to and from school and during school activities such as excursions or travel to sport by public transport, or by chartered/private transport services. This requirement applies even where the school has exclusive use of buses. This means that students 13 years and older travelling on the Kuyper bus will need to wear a mask.

Are camps, excursions and carnivals running this year for students? Yes, at this stage, schools can plan for and run these events following COVID safety protocols. There are several events planned for early Term 1. Watch your emails for more information regarding these. Permission will need to be returned promptly.

Can parents attend the Swimming Carnival? The capacity of our carnival venue will permit parents to attend this event as spectators under current guidelines.  All teachers, support staff and other adults must maintain physical distance from each other where possible (1.5 metres). More details will be issued with the carnival note.

Will Prayer Meetings and Working Bees run this term? Yes, events outside of school hours involving parents are possible following COVID safety protocols.


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