Homework Insights #9

Breakfast and Sleep, by Bill Rusin

Many studies have shown the importance of a good breakfast so that students can deal with the rigours of school. Children in particular need to eat well because it helps them stay alert during the day. They also need extra nutrition to fuel their physical growth.

In general, fast food breakfasts are not ideal, as they often have too much fat and not enough fibre children. Parents are also encouraged not to allow their children to have soft drink, as the high sugar content can lead to a significant drop in concentration when blood sugar levels drop. Parents should also be wary of both fruit juice drinks and packaged fruit juice as these often have high levels of sugar. Children are much better off with a piece of fruit and water.

Parents need to ensure that their children get enough sleep. This too can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to concentrate during the day. The effects of lack of sleep and poor breakfast habits are often noticeable by teachers when interacting with the children who frequently become tired and irritable in the middle of the day.


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