Homework Insights #5

Monitoring Assignments, by Bill Rusin

Children are more likely to complete assignments well if they are being monitored. The amount of monitoring is dependent on the age and maturity of the child. The following suggestions are useful:

  1. Be sure that you understand the school’s expectations for assignments and homework.
  2. Don’t let the kids fool you into doing their assignments for them. They will learn much less if parents take control of this type of work. We do not encourage a competitive spirit at Kuyper. There is no advantage to be gained by parents taking over assignment work. Assignment work is a learning activity. Kids will do things less well than their parents, but it is important that they be allowed to do their own work. The parent’s job is that of mentor, not tormentor, so avoid badgering them.
  3. Encourage children to show you their work when it is finished. Be careful not to criticise the work too harshly. Children are often very sensitive about their work and can feel frustrated when they perceive that their finished work is being criticised. Any helpful suggestions should be made during the process, not at the end.

And in general, MONITOR TV VIEWING. Most kids watch too much TV. Be selective in what they view, particularly when they are young, and switch it off when nothing desirable is on. Don’t fall into the trap of using it as background noise.

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