Homework Insights #4

Show them that Homework & Education are Important, by Bill Rusin

Last week we looked at ways to ensure homework is seen as an important part of your family’s life. This week, we continue that theme:

  1. Make sure that your children have all they need to complete homework properly. Make sure they have pencils, pens, rubbers, glue etc handy. Often time is wasted by looking for these things. Ensure that they have ready access to a dictionary. Make use of your local library if you can.
  2. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE. If children see you reading and writing instead of “vegging out” in front of the TV, they will see that you think study is important.
  3. Build family excursions around places such as museums and zoos.
  4. SHOW AN INTEREST in your child’s school work. Some children will tell you all about their school day whilst others will tell you very little. It is worth persisting by asking them to read their story to you or tell you about the experiment they completed.
  5. Show an interest in the life of the school by attending parent teacher evenings etc. Make school-based activities a priority in the life of your family.

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