COVID-19 Update 11

COVID-19 continues to affect the way we operate as a school community. Government advice requires us to limit the amount of parent contact on school grounds. Therefore, we ask that you only come onto the school grounds for essential business. Essential business would include:

  • picking up a student early
  • dropping an infants or Prep child off late (older children may pick up a Late Pass themselves)
  • attending the Uniform Shop or collecting an order from the Office
  • paying school fees
  • if you have been invited to assist with a school event
  • to meet with a staff member

These requirements mean that you will need to wait outside the School gate for your children in the morning and afternoons, unless they are Prep students or unable to do so (i.e. with a disability/injury etc).

Please demonstrate social distancing when visiting the Office and wait outside if there are more than two adults or a family already inside. We now require any parent who steps onto school grounds to sign in at the Office or Prep room, to fulfil contact tracing requirements.

You will see new signs around the school at entry points as we seek to centralise all access via the Office.

We hope these changes will be short-lived, as we yearn for more parent interaction.

For the time being, we ask you not to walk through, wait, stand, or interact within the School grounds. All parent access must be through the central gate leading to the School Office or via the bus bay gate for the Prep room or the Office. I encourage you to keep in touch via telephone and email all the more at this time.

Thank you for observing these requirements as we patiently care for each other and our wider community.

Regards, Ian Shaw

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