Homework Insights #2

Why do Teachers Give Homework? by Bill Rusin

Teachers give homework for a number of reasons. It can help children to:

  • Review and practice what they have learnt
  • Prepare for the next day’s class
  • Learn how to use resources such as libraries, information technology, reference materials etc
  • Extend and enrich the learning experience in a way that is not available in the classroom
  • Learn how to learn independently
  • Encourage children to learn self-discipline and time management
  • Develop an attitude of life-long learning

Approached properly, homework can be the vehicle through which the link between home and school is strengthened. It is important that as parents, you do not use homework or assignments as a punishment. This approach teaches children that it is not a good thing to do. Children need to know that their parents value homework. This is communicated best, not just by telling them, but by the way in which you order your home life. A busy life that places homework around the edges of your lifestyle is one that encourages children to see it in the same light. When quality time is given to the completion of school work it sends a strong message to the children about the importance of study.


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