COVID-19 Update 9

Dear Kuyper Families,

We have just made the decision that Kuyper students will return to school full time next week, from Monday 25 May 2020. This applies to K-12 and does not include Prep. I realise this may be a pleasing decision for some, or a frustrating one if you have concerns about returning. Ultimately, the NSW State Government decided to clear the way for schools to return earlier than what was previously posted. Our advice is that the risk to students and staff is very low.

It is obviously better for students to learn face-to-face, so we will return to our pre COVID-19 timetable. Please note that online delivery will cease as of Monday 25 May. However, the School@Home micro website will continue to be a hub of community news and information. Thank you for your support in delivering online learning at home. It has been a team effort!

At school, all social distancing and hygiene precautions will apply. We ask you to be sensitive to this when arriving. Please observe social distancing around the parking areas, and only enter school grounds when necessary. N.B. students must bring their own water bottle to school each day as bubblers are closed.

Please return all borrowed school devices and chargers to the Office on Monday morning. All school texts, tote trays, workbooks and completed work must also be returned. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Office or call me personally.

We are looking forward to the vibrant life that will envelop our School when all students return.

Ian Shaw

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