COVID-19 Update 8

Dear Kuyper Families,

The current thinking from our authorities is to see students return to school in part, then in full, with ongoing precautions to reduce the risk of infection. This changing plan moves another step closer to a full return to school with social distancing measures. Below is our current plan for school attendance over the next 5 weeks. Again, I stress that the plan can change quickly should the medical situation change, and the Government directs us otherwise.

Week 1: Current
Online delivery for those who cannot work online at home.

Week 2: 11-15 May
Year 11 & 12 attend for face-to-face instruction, 2 days per week (Tues, Wed).

Week 3: 18-22 May
Year 11 & 12 attend for face-to-face instruction, 5 days per week.
K-10 attend for online delivery, 1 day per week (as per roster).

Week 4: 25-29 May
Years 11, 12 & Kindy attend for face-to-face instruction, 5 days per week.
Years 1-10 attend for online delivery, 1 day per week (as per roster).

Week 5: 1-5 June
From 1 June 2020, all Years (K-12 excluding Prep) return full time, with social distancing measures. At this point online learning will cease and regular face-to-face classroom teaching will fully resume.

For this plan to work effectively we need the support of parents to follow the schedule as much as possible. We know there will be valid exceptions to this, but if we are overwhelmed with students at School during the online delivery phase before Week 5, we will not have enough computer devices and internet quality to support all students working simultaneously on the School network.

We are seeing some pleasing progress in the containment of COVID-19 in Australia, however we must not overlook the potential dangers and responsibilities we have to care for each other and the community by being vigilant with any hint of unwellness in our children and staff. Again, to protect our community, especially the elderly and those with a pre-existing respiratory condition, please do not send sick children to School. Please err on the side of caution when making this decision.

We are hopeful and look forward to the return of our wonderful students to the new normal in coming weeks.

Ian Shaw

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